Survivor, survive!

Survivor, survive.
Live, live, LIVE!
Pull yourself up by your bootstraps.
Someone else has it harder than you.
Your pain is invalid; insignificant.

Be the rock.
Weather the storm.
Never corrode.
You must rise above nature.
Never again allow your pain to hinder
My life and theirs
Are far more important
than YOURS will EVER BE.

Survivor, survive
and live, Live, LIVE!
Don’t you know you are my
I want you to be placid.
Don’t let ripples mar your glass.
I need you to be my

Never cry.
Never break.
No ebbs. No flows.
You must be my iceberg;
Intrepid while facing the Titanic.
Unshakable. Unsinkable.

That’s all I need from you:
To be unhuman.

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